Batman Hooded Cozy Blanket with Sleeves, Very thin and doesn't fit as pictured. in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Batman Hooded Cozy Blanket with Sleeves, so i have to tell.

Batman Hooded Cozy Blanket with Sleeves

He doesn't need anger management he just can't be bothered with the injustice and terrorizing tactics of selfish criminal masterminds. He's the Dark Knight the Caped Crusader fighter of truth and justice and he does it all without super powers. Even without super-human dominance Batman is one of the most powerful superheroes of all time. After a rough childhood Bruce Wayne transformed .... Read more or Check Price

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I had to make some changes cause this does not fit as well as the picture shows the installation. It ' also super thin and could not keep warm in the house with the heat. by F. Simmons

I love it Fleece is a decent thickness and the model is accurate. I wonder how well this would however larger people. by Kathleen E Evans

My grandson is very happy with the elderly BATMAN cozy blanket both he and his younger brother feel like they are SUPER HEROES . by David R. Bailey

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