OFFICIALLY LICENSED REALTREE, Protection and Security have never been so comfortable in my opinion

The previous week. I'm looking for information on the OFFICIALLY LICENSED REALTREE SNUGGIE-REALTREE FLEECE SNUGGIE BLANKET AS, so i would like to describe here.


Realtree Snuggie Super-soft "snuggie with sleeves" keeps you warm and cozy like a blanket but leaves your hands free so you can eat read talk on the phone use your laptop. Realtree camo pattern is perfect for sporting events camping trips and hunting in the woods. (And for hiding in the backyard when the misses is assigning chores) 100 polyester machine washable. One size fits .... Read more or Check Price

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It 'nice. I expected to be more often and for a person 6 feet difficult to cover the feet . by Satoru Lisenko

very soft. Bought for my husband. Do not let it get away from his chair by Paula

I use this Snuggie at work for all my most dangerous missions. I can stay hidden from view while having the convenience of a blanket that has arm holes in it. by durandal

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